Monday, July 30, 2007

Marshal Page

My infinite thanks to my friends who became marshals for the ultra marathon. They were very professional and understanding. Walang mga bayad mga ito!!! They stayed from the start till the end. Most of them are UPM and close friends, they really made this project worth finishing. My hats of to you for doing a good job!!! Proud ako maging UPM hehehehe!!!

It was an honor to finish this run, marshals pa namin mga coach ko sa UPM. From Casper, Bernie, Winston, Denise and Bernz(susunod ka na!!! swim 20km hahahaha). Ang Sarap ng tawa ng lead marshal Romi and Boy(natatawa siguro na mahihirapan kami sa rota hehehe)

We always looked forward to rest stops. From a distance we can see the UPM somewhat partying. Parang gimick na rin talaga!!! It was such a long time since I saw so many UPM present in so many locations. The running team actually feels sad leaving the rest stop since masyadong masaya, plenty of food, drinks, and stories. In this picture Karla batch 98(Batch mate ko!!!! sa UPM, nasan si Carlo???) gives us one of the best snacks!!! melons and oranges bathed in a sea of ice!!! Panalo Talaga!!! Mabuhay Batch 98!!!

(King Salamat!!! Boy Salamat Amazing planning talaga parang adventure race for you guys)

(salamat sa The North Face!!! Ganda ng Jersey ng Marshals!!! Parang Tour de France)

(Kahit saan, nandun sila, they provided us everything we need)

Henry: Bilisan mo diyan Neville! Gutom na kami!

AS the crowds disappear from the Milo Marathon, the runners still need to finish several more kilometers. For me seeing the finish line was an awesome sight. The very marshals that guided us all night was waiting for all of us! It was the best welcome the team could ever had. This run was amazing vecause you could share it with the people you have been with for a very long time!(Henri, George, Karla, Casper, Pen, Nards and the rest maraming salamat)

Mas masaya pa yung mga tao makita ako makatapos than me seeing the finishline. Well maybe because all of them are exhausted and hungry hehehehe. When I crossed the finish line the first thing they gave me was a glass of cold beer!!! Perfect!!!(Bernz salamat, ito talaga gusto ko sa UPM hehehehe, exhausted and dehydrated, BEER PA!!!). It was really that organized, pinapayungan pa ako ni josaw hehehehe(di pa siya pagod after running 60km). To all of you who helped and participated in the run thank you very much.
(Romi at Roel Salamat, Henri next time ka na wala ka pic hehehehe)

The last lines of gratitude are reserve to Romi Garduce, Roel Chan and Henri Nakpil. Without you this wouldn't have been possible and worthwhile. On behalf of the team Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat!!!

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