Sunday, September 2, 2007

7.5 KM

For many runners, cyclist and other athletes the University of the Philippines-Diliman is the closest training ground. Its wide open spaces and numerous tree sand long roads makes running a real joy. It is a place to unwind and organise your thoughts. You will see other runners and athletes which provide you the much needed motivation. Since 1996 I have been running here with my friends. I could still remember the first time I completed three rounds of the academic oval which is measured 2.2Km, it was just like finishing my first marathon. When I joined the UP Mountaineers I discovered the 7.5km route. It was the route used by the UPM for its diagnostic, training and test runs for applicants. Moreover members use it to just improve their fitness increasing their speed or finishing at a faster time. This 7.5km route is really the backbone for many UPM members as well as other athletes who train in UP. I really love this route, long hills, long straights and downhill’s provides a very interesting and good workout. This route provided me the necessary skills and base for my trainings. Lace up your shoes and its time to check out the 7.5km route. Just like in Formula 1 its time for a flying lap. Hehehehe.

We start of from the UPM tambayan in the North wing of the UP library. Run straight up to the School of Economics then run towards the College of Home Economics. Here you will witness people playing Frisbee, football, and other sports in the sunken garden. AS your pace gets faster a slight downhill will great you before you reach the corner of CP Garcia and Katipunan Avenue.

As you run in CP Garcia I try my best to suck in my gut and run like a professional athlete since this road is very traffic and people from their cars will look at you for several minutes (have to look good hahahahaha). Passing the Math building you will realize that CP Garcia is a medium distance uphill enough to slow you down. Reaching the top your time should be 13-15minutes.

Run towards the rough roads and up to the houses you will exit in a clear road and be greeted by a play ground. Sharp left and you will have a clear flat road. Push hard increase your stride saying ang speed. In your left you will see college of architecture to your right UP police and in front the UP press. This will be the first water stop for the applicants. Keep running push hard.

Straight road, i love this road flat and wide and lots of trees. End of the corner you will see the college of fine arts. Turn right longer faster strides (sayang downhill, hehehehe). Keep pushing then you will see the two triangle checkpoints and the UP oblation. Keep pushing then you will reach the college of human kinetics.

Pushing hard the first part will now drain you at this part, a slight uphill that will slow you down up to the Bahay ng Alumni. I remember my first run here, I started to walk and my friends started to push my back and encourage me to run. A flat road greets you and you will see the you track oval another motivation for the runners in you. But you will also see people eating and resting. You ask yourself “Why am I doing this!!!” hehehehe

As you begin to develop your momentum, and increase your stride due to the downhill. You will smell the aroma of food being cooked(daing, sinangag, etc hehehehe). Then it hits you!!1 What the heck is that!!!! Well its what some people call heartbreak hill(its not as long and hard as the one in Boston marathon). It’s steep enough to sap the energy right out of your legs. Ayaw ko na!!!!

Reaching the top of the hill you will feel really sluggish and your heart is really beating fast. Legs feel like they are glued to the ground and your sweating like never before. I remember one event, when I reached the top the water break was there. There were four glasses and one of which is water the rest are beer!!!! Hahahahaha. There was also food however “panay polvoron and espasol” hahahahahaha. It was so much fun!!! Hehehehe one person thought the cups contained water and doused himself but it was beer hahahahaha.

Another hill greets the runners then you exit the church and then you see the infirmary!!!! (time check should be 34-36 minutes)Hahahahaha. Keep running as you pass by the shopping centre and left to the many dormitories while seeing people devouring isaw and drinking soft drinks. You ask again “why!!! Why huwhy!!!”

The final turn begins as you increase your pace then another hill greets you as you near the college of law. One of my friends called this hill “trying to love again hill” hahahahahaha(well the first hill was heartbreak hill gets?!? Hehehehehe). As you pound the road the hill becomes steeper and steeper. You push hard because you just want it to end.

Finally you reach the top, your time should be 45 minutes. Then you see its all downhill and you see the sunken garden!!! Yehey. Push push push!!! Right turn and you will have several hundred meters of clear road to your finish line the UPM Tambayan!!! This is the best part, slight downhill, you dig deep and push hard. You swing your arms and then you cross the hump and hit your stop watch. Its over!!! Yehey!!!

I really love this route, so many problems solved, so many decisions made and so many ideas realized in this 7.5km route. For the most part the 45-50 minute run gives you enough time to talk with other people and enjoy running. Talk about running shoes, your next race, what ever. So when will your try it? Hehehehehe . Keep running. Sama ako!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mt. Pinatubo!!!

Here we go again! The Pinoy Ultra Runners team decided to start training for another fund run by the end of the year. Training schedule is still being fixed but the whole team is excited. After several weeks of individual training the team decided to do another group run. For this run we have decided to do trail running and put into good use our mountaineering, mt biking, adventure racing skills to good use. Moreover make the most of our runs and our weekends. For this long run we have decided to run the trails in Mt. Pinatubo!!! Hehehehehe.

Our planned run will start off from the jump off point in Sta Juliana. This trail run is roughly 26 kilometers to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo. From there we will just relax take pictures and run back to Sta Juliana. It will be an interesting run, last time I did this was during my initial introduction to adventure racing back in 2000 or 2001? hmmm. Early this year a bunch of UPM including me decided to bike this course. We weren't able to follow the correct trail since the Philippine Air Force was using some areas as target practice for the new recruits hehehehe. Sensing we were all wearing red we decided to find another route one which is really unbikable hahahaha. In the end our epic Mt. Bike ride in Pinatubo ended in a 52km bike push. We started to bike around 8am and retruned back to Sta Juliana around hmmm, 11pm hahahaha.

Well no more bikes now, only hydration packs and energy bars. Hope it doesn't rain and once more no more target practice for the Air Force. hehehehe. This run is much needed by the team since we haven't really seen each other for several weeks. Well this is a training run anyway, if we don't finish it or too lazy to do it we might just rent a 4x4 jeep hehehehe. A bunch of UPM will be joining with us. Sigh, another long run. I so miss my bike hehehehe. I hope this pushes through or I will be stuck again in the road for the next several weeks. Come run with us.

Mt. Pinatubo here we come.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Let the Rains Begin!!!

What a way to start a training week!!! Ang lakas ng ulan. When the heavens open up and I lace up my shoe the rains will pour in agad. I am like a formula pit crew boss, looking for any signs of clear weather to send my machines out for a test drive. So far none "maski 1 hour lang!!!" road bike grounded, Mt. Bike tamad mag linis semi-grounded. Running yup did a few hours but still the rains are too strong. So might as well sit back, catch up on my reading and check the exams of my students hehehehe sorry guys.

Running this past few days made me rethink about the things essential to running. The Ipod Nano and Nike+ is already mandatory to keep me from getting bored from the long runs. But rains are here tago ko na muna hehehe. Here are some additional things I find essential when I do extra long runs, rain or shine.

1) This cool Hand bottle The North Face gave us - Its light and easy to use. It attaches in your hand and comes with small pockets to stash some extra cash to pay for your taxi or jeep kapag ayaw mo na tumakbo. I prefer using this than using a hydration belt since its less bulky and lighter. Plus it acts like a dumbel parang boxer hehehe. Its still a hit and miss for people. My other team mates don't like it since ang hirap daw tumakbo. Well mas mahirap mauhaw hehehehe.
2) A shoe wallet- I carry this shoe wallet from Nike(given to me again) which contains sometimes my Nike+ transmitter when I am wearing other shoes like TNF. The shoe wallet also acts as an insurance policy. It contains some cash for me to replenish my water bottles. But for the most part it is used as an identification. We run alone most of the time day or night. We might get into accidents or faint suddenly. My shoe wallet basically contains a piece of paper, with the words ICE(In Case of Emergency) written is my name, address, blood type, and home phone as well as relatives cell phone number. Just in case god forbids knock on wood something happens to me. They know who I am and who to contact. A piece of mind for my mum and family. Not a bad idea right.

3) Shoes- Rainy season is here, I think it is the the best time to invest on running shoes. Well because its gonna get ruined from the constant wet weather. So just use old running shoes or something. I am currently using the shoes issued to us by TNF. And man I am really loving it. I have some problems though with its lacing system but its definitely the best for me running on and off roads and sudden wet and dry weather. The traction and cushioning is excellent. What I like about it is the several water channels for water to drain out. Keeping my feet dry most of the time.

4)Newspapers- Well aside from getting your daily dose of information old newspapers are my best friend during this rainny seaon. After a long wet run, I rinse my shoes(mahal kasi at wala akung pera pambili hehehehe) with water clean put all the dirt and chemicals that can disolve the bonding of the sole. Next aside from the time and tested leaving your shoes at the back of the refrigerator. I stuff old newspapers inside the shoe. After several hours replace it with a fresh batch. Removes significant amount of evil water and moisture hehehe.

5) Vitamins-During the 100km run superman Dani Dematera told me he drank vitamins(im not sure what brand) every four to five hours yikes!!! Well after a long run, our body needs help to recover. We should eat a lot and as an insurance. I take extra vitamin C. I'm not really sure how many milligrams can the body only absorbed. Since its water soluble the execs will be excreted out. Hmmm ill check on that with my doc or my nutritionist aka sister hehehehe.

Aside from the earlier things I mentioned in my blog wala na akung maisip. I, sure ill think of something in the next run hehehehe. The rain is really pouring hard, crap my run pa bukas, and may Mt. Bike race weekend. hehehehe. Well small price to pay para mapuno ang dams natin and generate electricity. Tigil na ulan!!!!

Here we go again!?!

Training again!!! This what my mom said several weeks ago. Also another person told me "Running again so no more time for me again!!!" hehehehe. Training really taxes a lot of your time. Well for me it’s not exactly training it’s more of a life style a way of life. Several weeks have passed since the 100km and I feel great. For the past several weeks I started to ride my mountain bike which misses me as well as my trusty road bike. I laced up once more and started throwing Frisbee discs in the UP sunken garden.

As of now we are still computing and still receiving donations for Kythe. We are pretty happy since we have raised a considerable amount of donations for Kythe given the limited time we have in organizing and executing this run for your life project. I’ll find exact details on this next week since we will be joining Kythe when they visit children with cancer. I am really looking forward to this.

I started running again. Yehey!!! Ran a total of 30km last week and 20km this week so far. No pressure just enjoying the runs. Quite gloomy and I ran in the late afternoon just before dinner. Haven’t done this for a long time. Ran the 7.5km diagnostic run of the UPM and went straight back to my aunts restaurant named COMBI near UP.

I ran not because of training for the next ultra marathon which is scheduled several months from now. But I ran because I just needed to make sense and organize my thoughts. Busy work and I still have yet to process the plans for the next run for your life. Running for me is like my burning bush and my Archimedes bath tub “Eureka I have found it”. Training again, well running again creates a sense of structure for me and relaxes me. It’s just like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen for quite a long time. I just feel that the road is happy that I paid him another visit and that it shares my joys and pain in running.

Training will start soon and the team is thinking some interesting ways to improve our project. I just thought of an interesting line for the project. “Helping save lives a kilometer at a time”. Hehehehehe. So many good plans can’t wait to do it again. Why run an ultra? I already forgot my answer. Maybe I need to refresh my memory by putting myself through it again. Hehehehehe. Time to run, bike, swim, wake up early, Nike+, water bottles, petroleum jelly, Gatorade and above all time to have some fun. See you in the road.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Marshal Page

My infinite thanks to my friends who became marshals for the ultra marathon. They were very professional and understanding. Walang mga bayad mga ito!!! They stayed from the start till the end. Most of them are UPM and close friends, they really made this project worth finishing. My hats of to you for doing a good job!!! Proud ako maging UPM hehehehe!!!

It was an honor to finish this run, marshals pa namin mga coach ko sa UPM. From Casper, Bernie, Winston, Denise and Bernz(susunod ka na!!! swim 20km hahahaha). Ang Sarap ng tawa ng lead marshal Romi and Boy(natatawa siguro na mahihirapan kami sa rota hehehe)

We always looked forward to rest stops. From a distance we can see the UPM somewhat partying. Parang gimick na rin talaga!!! It was such a long time since I saw so many UPM present in so many locations. The running team actually feels sad leaving the rest stop since masyadong masaya, plenty of food, drinks, and stories. In this picture Karla batch 98(Batch mate ko!!!! sa UPM, nasan si Carlo???) gives us one of the best snacks!!! melons and oranges bathed in a sea of ice!!! Panalo Talaga!!! Mabuhay Batch 98!!!

(King Salamat!!! Boy Salamat Amazing planning talaga parang adventure race for you guys)

(salamat sa The North Face!!! Ganda ng Jersey ng Marshals!!! Parang Tour de France)

(Kahit saan, nandun sila, they provided us everything we need)

Henry: Bilisan mo diyan Neville! Gutom na kami!

AS the crowds disappear from the Milo Marathon, the runners still need to finish several more kilometers. For me seeing the finish line was an awesome sight. The very marshals that guided us all night was waiting for all of us! It was the best welcome the team could ever had. This run was amazing vecause you could share it with the people you have been with for a very long time!(Henri, George, Karla, Casper, Pen, Nards and the rest maraming salamat)

Mas masaya pa yung mga tao makita ako makatapos than me seeing the finishline. Well maybe because all of them are exhausted and hungry hehehehe. When I crossed the finish line the first thing they gave me was a glass of cold beer!!! Perfect!!!(Bernz salamat, ito talaga gusto ko sa UPM hehehehe, exhausted and dehydrated, BEER PA!!!). It was really that organized, pinapayungan pa ako ni josaw hehehehe(di pa siya pagod after running 60km). To all of you who helped and participated in the run thank you very much.
(Romi at Roel Salamat, Henri next time ka na wala ka pic hehehehe)

The last lines of gratitude are reserve to Romi Garduce, Roel Chan and Henri Nakpil. Without you this wouldn't have been possible and worthwhile. On behalf of the team Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ultra Marathon part 2

The Milo Marathon begins, Aray masakit na!!!! hehehehe. The first stretch of the Milo Marathon was really difficult. I can't move much and my muscles are already sore. I was no longer smiling since I could see the ambulance at the back waiting for me to call it quits. Running in Roxas boulevard was really tough the overnight running on EDSA pounded my feet and knees. I was real glad Hector was there to pace me and my two marshals were the recipients of my profanity hehehe. I was running and walking the first 10km, I knew I had to devour a lot of food in order to finish this run. I was scoffing down "apat na nilagang saging", one power gel, sports drink, and handful of peanuts. Nearing the start of Buendia something real bad happened, my wing man hector suddenly called it quits. I forced him to run but his face looked like one of the riders of the Tour de France who can't quite catch up with the leaders up the mountains. He basically cracked mentally. He told me nev's i done!!! i can't ask him to go another mile he paced me through the night and he ran already close to 65 km( good accomplishment since his first marathon was this year only). In my head I wanted to scream like Achilles in the movie Troy!!! Hector! Hector! hahahaha.

(Romi tumakbo ka nga)

I was really demoralized seeing ambulance pass and I heard the top runners are already returning. It dawned on me I was the last runner and i couldn't see the fields of green runners over the horizon. The sun was already up and bearing down on the runners Crap!!!! hahahaha. Swallowed three more bananas and I was off!!! For some strange reason the so-called second wind kicks in. I really felt strong "parang di ako tumakbo the night before". Maybe because its a new day or maybe the weather and the early mornings reminded me of the training runs we had several weeks ago. Maybe its the adrenaline rush I had realizing I was the last man in the marathon. I was really okay, like a brand new runner,. To top things of I drank two cups of Mcdo coffee and i was already an energizer bunny. Full steam ahead!!! I knew that sudden burst of energy wont last long, so i started to sprint the whole stretch of Buednia, desperately trying to catch someone. Finally i saw three runners, they were my carrot in a stick!!! faster you fool. I was flying hehehehehe, ang galing talaga ng kape!!!! At this point I also thought about the purpose of this run. that I shouldn't quit since this run is for cancer patients. the faster and longer i run the more i will inspire people to help. This gave me another boost!!! My suffering in the run is nothing compared to those kids fighting cancer.
Finally i passed two runners and saw the greatest sight of all kalayaan Flyover!!! I saw Beth and Olive!!! Yahooo, they were my proverbial Burning Bush!!!! my kasma na ako!!!, I surprised them and we ran together up to the fort, where my third wind(kung meron ganun) kicked in. Beth and Olive also kicked up the pace sensing the turn around is near. Running once more, the sight of green runners made me realize I was back in the race and was back of the pact!!!! Reaching the second turn around I was feeling good but my legs was saying "psst hinay-hinay lang mahaba pa ito at my kulang ka pang 12km!!!! hehehehehe). Nearing the Libingan ng mga Bayani I saw some of my relatives running and I saw Dani!!!! hahahaha. Magkalapit lang kami?!?(Idol ko talaga ito the first 15km of milo he was just several minutes behind the leaders hahahaha, ang bilis niya). Fatigue soon set in and he started to run slow which is actually a walk for me hehehehe.
Running back to kalayaan flyover I saw Olive brisk walking, still showing off her infectious smile. I said to her "Olive sorry nahatak kita dito!!! hehehehe"(Shes such an amazing person trained only for three weeks for this run). I saw Chi-Chi walking as well yet upbeat however Coach Kiko called it Quits already sayang!!!
Nearing the flyover Roel was there and he gave me the best gift of all, nope its not a North Face Gore-tex jacket worth 10k!!!Even better a bowl of rice and burger steak!!!! I wanted to cry hahahahaha!!! My UPM batch mates Karlo and Carla feed me cold melons!!!! Paradise!!!! I devoured them easily while pushing it down with softdrinks. Salamat talaga!!! Time to run, back in Buendia, I was already tired, I was running and walking accompanied by a 50 or 60 year old man who claims he ran 70 marathons. Wow!!! In the last part of Buendia, I saw the official time, I have several minutes before the race ends. time to hustle, the only part I was running was during stoplights and interesections, nakakahiya kasi pinapahinto mga sasakyan tapos naglalakad ka hehehehe.
In Roxas Boulevard i saw Dani, i ran as fast as i could slap him in the back and said"lets walk to the finish line" hehehehe. This was not a race we just need to finish. We both walked to Quirino, and ran the last 200 meters to the finish line. Wala ng tao and they were already dismantling some of th structures. Yehey Tapos na kami!!!! But wait!!!

We waited for the rest of the team to arrive, Chi-Chi called it quits so it was up to us four to complete the run. We still lack 12 km!!! the night before we screwed up our pace. As team captain i made an executive decision to shorten our run in Quezon city and start making our way to Qurino Grandstand. I was affraid that we might not have enough time, and might miss the start of the marathon. Our team already created and measured the route even before the milo marathon and they also kept other members up to date about the run(Salamat Ninoy, Bunny and the rest). We started running and walking to CCP complex and going around that area. Sikat nanaman si Romi at nakilala siya ng mga tao and nag-pa-picture pa sila hehehehe. After 6km it was time to run back to finish the run. 6km!!! ang haba pa!!! my head hurts, the two girls wore slippers and iced their knees, and devoured bananas and rush sports drink like there's no tomorrow. The sea breeze made things hotter and more difficult to move. Reaching Quirino Grandstand it was finally over!!! Yehey. Our head Marshal Boy Siojo said "Men kulang pa ilang meters!!!" hahahahaha. Ayaw talaga kami patapusin. I can see the UPM members cheering and drinking beer, sabi ko ayan na yun di ba!!!!

We were told we need to run one round along the perimeter of Quirino Grandstand crap!!! I started to run!!!! Medyo naiiyak na ako sa pagod. natuwa pa ako kasi si Henri and Romi started to run with me as well. In the final bend, i can see the Seafood Warf!!! it was the finish line 20 meters to go, I saw the UPM made a makeshift finish line. they were all cheering!!!! I sprinted and crossed the finish line with both arms up!!!! Yehey 100km!!! They clapped and cheered and gave me beer. Hahahaha. I was really happy and exhausted. Dani arrived next running the final 20 meters. Gave him a pat on the shoulder and a bottle of beer. Olive arrived with her enigmatic smile, a few minutes after, Beth arrived as well exhausted but delighted. It was finally over!!!
It was an interesting and amazing feeling. When I crossed the finishline there were no crowds, no television cameras, no banners, posters nor structures of the finishline. What i saw was more rewarding than that . What i saw was the UPM marshals, friends, and relatives as well as the people who took part in making this project a succes. All of them sacrificed their time, effort, and sweat just to see the dream of six people come true. It was truly an amazing feeling, to see your friends who helped you all the way waiting patiently in the finish line. Its these very people that made this ultra marathon memorable and worth finishing. No crowds, no fancy affair only a group of friends congratulating you was the best finish line the ultra marathon team could ever receive. Maraming Salamat!!! Start running.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ultra Marathon Part 1

Race Day, arriving at the UPM Tambayan was such a relief. The whole week before the run I was nervous, getting sick, busy with work and for the most part busy training and organizing the run. So being in the starting line was really awesome for me a 100km from now it will all be over. However the 100km is really long but hey sometimes "the journey is the destination". I was overwhelmed with the support that I saw. "Ang Daming UP mountaineers na nagpakita" either as support crew, marshals or was just there to cheer. I was glad my Batch 98 UPM was there(Salamat Carlo at Karla). The whole tambayan was covered with a sea of yellow jerseys which was the uniform of the marshals. Roel Chan even went further by filling the whole tambayan with banners, and a huge The North Face balloon about two floors tall hehehehe. The reason for doing that is to force us to finish the run hehehehe. Nards slamata sa mga pictures ang galing talaga!!! Buti walang picture yung gumagapang kami hehehehe.

There were several people from the media sector but most of the people were our friends and relatives. It was really an intimate and personal affair. No fanfare only close people cheering us and wishing us well in our journey.It was truly an awesome sight for me. Salamat sa inyong lahat!!! I was also shocked to see that my siblings and parents were there to see me off. Interesting since I never really told them about the run. I just told them babalik ako sunday ng hapon hehehehe. I was happy my brother was there since I wanted to show him how proud I am that his poster designs were printed in posters and t-shirts and other materials. Basta ang daming tao!!!! Ang pogi na unifroms namin!!!!!

Around 7 pm we were already preparing for the run picture taking, talking to people, and organizing the run. After the prayer we proceeded to the starting line. I was so nervous!!! Then after 4 weeks of training, three weeks or organizing, two weeks of meetings, 1 week of being a hypochondriac and being nervous, the run started!!! Yehey!!! Two loops around the academic oval with a relatively slow pace. At this point the manual about ultra marathon I have prepared in my head was thrown out of the window. The pace of the team was difficult to maintain. Mabagal at mabilis, well we can't do anything about this now. So I made an executive decision to set free the runners and run your own pace but we will have compression stops every 10km during or refuel stops.

It was a difficult run for me, the week long stress and the week long worrying and planning caught up to me. The night before the run I was having a mild throat infection, which worsened during the run itself. However I know I am always like this during a race so I really didn't pay much attention. Dani, olive and Beth were running like horses ang bilis talaga nila!!! They were accompanied by other upm runners who were our guest. Also TJ and Robert was present, salamat sa inyo. The UPM yellow marshals made all the difference, they shielded us from the traffic, feed us and entertained us as well. They are really heroes of this event.

We eventually reached the Fort, curious onlookers were wondering "sino ito" and why the heck it was so traffic, and why do we have thirty bikers hahahaha. I was actually happy to hear one person saying"Yan yung 100km Run for Your Life" hehehehehe. From the fort we made our way to EDSA, when I struggled with my pace, I was falling behind, I'm not really sure why. Luckily I have my good friend hector from Nike who paced me like a domestique in the Tour De France. Halfway in EDSA I was shocked to see that Roel Chan was also running, hehehehehe, na -bore daw sa car. Yan ang brand manager!!!! The best talaga.

Reaching the People Power Monument we started to regroup and i told them the gameplan. The marshals were so helpful they iced us gave us water and food. The event was really well organized, we have ample drinks courtesy of Rush!!! Luckily it was Rush because it was the same energy drink we were using during our training runs. After making a short pits stop we started to run again to reach Quezon Avenue. The team was still upbeat, the pace was high and we were still organized. Hmmmm, at this point I was wondering what will happen to the milo marathon. Karla at Carlo Corpuz the best talaga yung melon at ice hehehehe. The other marshals also enourgaed us and keep our morale high, Wee at Alpha salamat na kinakamusta niyo ako lagi hehehehe, Bernie, Casper and George salamat sa pag-asikaso, Romi at Henri tumakbo nga kayo!!! Winston salamat sa tubig at Rush, Clyte and the rest of the TNF people salamat sa pictures hehehehe. (Mamaya ko na pasalamatan yung iba)

While running i was eating hamburgers from mcdo and siopao hehehehe. For some strange reason I don't want to eat energy bars, and fruits, nagsawa na!!! hehehe. That quarter pounder was really something gave me the energy to push. The team already finished an ultra-marathon meaning we already went beyond the 42km mark. Runing in Manila I was glad to see more UPM(Kats, Roldan ata, Mike 3k, sorry di ko matandaan yung iba) they really gave me additional boost. Touch!!! ako hehehehe.

In Quirino grandstand we were minutes away from the milo marathon. We changed uniforms, I took a semi-bath to remove all of the salts. We attached out numbers and walked towards the starting line. There I meet some friends and asking kung what kilometer are we? 2 minutes to the start of marathon and I was so worried. I truly believe this was the most difficult part since the heat was there and this was a marathon race. I told the team, okay lang di niyo tapusin marathon basta maging top place kayo ten kilometer race hahahahahahaha.

At 430AM the marathon started!!! Lord Help me!!!! Romi sira ulo ka talaga!!!! hahahahaha.


Ill write a report on the run in the mean time visit the upm website. The only thing I can write about now is recovery hehehehe. Posted above is the log in my Nike+ and Nano. The batteries of my Nano ran out and my workout was semi saved, so I just decided to take a picture and post it and Ill just find out a way to post it at Nike(sorry Roel hehehehe). The batteries died at 97KM nakakainis!!!! hahahaha.

According to my nano I burned 9,000 calories hahahaha. Thats the Recommended Daily Allowance of a normal person in 4 days. Well this means I can eat a lot. After the run I devoured some pasta and some supplements, which I later found out that I am allergic hehehe. After which I went straight to bed. Today upon waking up, I noticed the adrenalin is gone and I was a mortal again no longer an ultra-man hahahaha parang Japanese superhero. Early morning I devoured one can of spam, eggs, three cups of rice and a bowl of fruits. I went to work struggling going down stairs hehehehe. At around 10AM I was eating again a bowl of Katsudon from the cafeteria.

After class I devoured 5 waffle dogs hahahahaha. I know there is a scientific way to recover like using mixtures coming from popular brands like power bar specifically designed for recovery. But too expensive and I would prefer lechon kawali better hahahaha. Before I went home I dropped by at my relatives restaurant known as "Combi" in maginhawa Q.C. which they have good and affordable meals. I ordered three rice bowls. Chicken, meatballs and liempo. Hahahaha.

I finally arrived home and was really sleepy. I felt like an anaconda already full and ready to rest and stretch out in the sun. Next thing you know it was dinner time, four chickens and mother of all recovery pizza!!!! Hahahahaha. I know there is a better way to recovering from the ultra. But at this point I would rather want something tasty to eat. I'm already exhausted eating bananas, energy bars and energy drinks hehehehe. I want lechon and beer hahahahaha. Don't worry my sister who is a food technician is taking care of me. hehehehe.

This is one of the things I was really looking forward too. Eating a lot!!!! Thinking about my run in Buendia during the milo marathon, made me devour two shawarma. hehehehe. As of now I have to sign out and start sleeping just have to finish this buffalo wings. Hello Tuesday kainan ulit!!! Hmmm saan kaya tomorrow, I want a Mongolian all you can it hehehehehe. My next blog will talk about the run. Time to eat again.