Monday, July 2, 2007


A couple of days ago I was runing in U.P. then suddenly a runner approached me asked if I was a UP mountaineer, I said yes he then started to ask if I knew the people who were organizing and running an ultramrathon. Wanting to see whats his take on the run I said no!!! His answer is enough to send me laughing with amusement and at the same time send chills in my spine. His answer "Naku hindi nila kakayanin yun eh ako nga hirap hirap mag-run, 100km pa yun impossible nila gawin yun ilang lingo na lang". hehehehehe. Maybe he has a point.

Saan niya nakuha balita tsk tsk tsk, pati target date alam niya hehehehe.

Anyway, long runs again..later i will post the final details of the run, decided na tuloy ang run and the fund raising, I am really excited.

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