Sunday, July 1, 2007

Run for your life

The Cause...

The team decided that we should anchor this project not only completing a 100km but also for a serious and worthwhile cause. We knew that this run can generate some interest and maybe we can use it to help promote a cause. After doing a 30km run several days after the project got approved, the team started to talk about, a worth while cause for the run. We were thinking of something in common, then we started to focus on matters concerning health since its basically a run. Then like a burning bush we have decided to dedicate this run to raise funds to help people diagnosed with cancer.

It was agreed upon because we have all some sort of experiences with cancer. Just recently I have been with individuals who are fighting cancer, and I just feel so helpless when they get attacks or in pain. It pains me to see that I am just looking and cant do anything. The rest of the team also have friends who died or fighting cancer. My best friend lost a relative from cancer. Recently i just saw a lot of hardships from people fighting this disease and trying their best to live a normal life.

I wish I could really do more. Maybe this run, can generate
some funds to help some worth while organization helping people fight cancer. Deciding to offer this run for cancer patients gave us some sense of purpose. That we are running to return something back to the community. The next day while running for an hour i started to think about our cause. It occurred to me a very interesting line I read in one book while preparing my lectures for my history class. It talks about our goal in life is finding something we are really good at and what makes us happy and using it to help other people. Wow philosophical, and thats only 10km ill be Aristotle, or Plato when I reach 100km. Hehehe. I am glad we are doing this.

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