Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Gear

Gear essentials!!!

Running is one of the simpliset sport. Just run!!! Technology, cool rubershoes, etc, are there to help you reach your target goals but also to help you be more comfortable and prevent you from injury. After starting my training and running 50km I have found these gears indespensible. I need them at all cost .

1) Running buddy (Hector Salamat)

2) Good pair of socks

3) Lots of food(Junk food hahahaha)

4) Seamless apparel

5) Petroleum Jelly

6) My ipod nano (sobrang bored na ako, music helps the miles passby) What songs hehehe Eye of the Tiger!!!!

7 ) Above all sense of humor

8) Inspiration hehehehe(meron na ako!!!!)

More to come as I put more milage.

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