Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Uniforms!?! This is Serious!!!

Last night, Me, Chi-Chi, Beth and Danny arrived in Studio 7 of ABS-CBN to be interviewed on News Central to promote the 100km run for Your life (this is really my Rubicon river). Accompanying us was the extraordinary brand manager of North Face Philippines Mr. Roel Chan (Salamat Roel, Ken and Clyte). It’s really interesting and worthwhile to work with these people who also became good friends of ours. They were professionals and they really looked after the needs of professional and would be athletes like us. They provided us with ideas as well as man power to organize this run. Well they were no stranger to these types of events anyway they have a long history of supporting athletes in achieving their goals. Tatapusin namin ito maski huli kami hehehehe, para matuloy yung ibang projects hehehehe. Basta ang masasabi ko “Never Stop Exploring” hehehehehe. On to our program, fantastic uniforms pala, mukha talaga kaming team hehehehe. “Ang Po-Pogi!!!”. This was also the first time I personally talked to Chi-Chi who just arrived in Manila yesterday morning, hehehehe mas mukha siyang trained kaysa sa aming lahat hehehehe. We were all freezing ang lamig sa studio 7. Vince Rodriguez who needs no introduction was there to assist us and encourage us with our run. Thanks Vince sama ka na!!!!
Finally it was our turn; the team looked real cool with star trek like uniforms(ngiti naman danny). Female extraordinaire Tricia Chongbian introduced us and asked about the Run. The team took turns answering the questions such as when will the run be, can anyone join, the route, how can they donate, and how was this conceptualize. I think the team did well and we definitely sent our message to support the run to help Kythe and its projects to help children with cancer. We need more help so I hope people will donate more to Kythe. Eventually we thanked Vince and Tricia for the time and we were off to plan our run. Malapit na!!!!


e-rod said...

you guys look great in your team uniform. wow...sponsored by tnf. that's great!

thanks for coming up with this idea and bringing kythe and its cause to the forefront. you have my support. i just need to figure out how to get the funds to kythe.

Anonymous said...

Pleasure to meet an awesome elite group of people like you running for a cause. I Love It! ASTEEEG! Just finished the milo marathon and sayang didnt bump into you guys. Hope you guys did well!! ingat!
Drew (unang hirit)