Monday, July 9, 2007

Last Long Run

Last weekend July 7, the team finished its last long run, since taper na dapat kami, some might argue that we can push it up to next week but it was the only weekend the group can run and due to work hirap na magahanap ng common schedules. It was an interesting run, daming kuwento and we talked about the problems in store for us for the next couple of weeks. We ran for almost seven hours waking up and started running around 3-4 AM, hehehehehe.

We were also able to test our new gear, specififcally our The North Face Running shoe, designed by ultra marathon man himself Dean Karnazes. I'm quite happy with the shoes with the boa lacing system, a mechanism at the back which you turn pulling the cables to secure your foot. cushioning was also good. Fresh from out of the box, used it and ran for 6 hours, no problems. I am quite impressed, for my other teammates they were skepticall at first but they got the hang of it as the hours went by.

The campaign for the 100km run is out, and people have started showing interest and also started to donate. So please start supporting this project it is really a good cause. We can really do a lot of good with this run.

We will be running throughout the week and a short run over the weekend. Hmmm, short run malamang mga 30-40km hahahahahaha, short run ba yun??? Ill probaly invite the promoter of this run Mr. Romi Garduce hehehehe. Ano romi takbo tayo!!!

Final na talaga sponsors are here, donors are here and most of all the runners are here no time to back out. Hmmm i should have stick to badminton hehehehehe.

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