Sunday, July 1, 2007

The powers that be!!!

The powers that be!!!

What I really like about endurance sports is you can eat almost anything, and a lot at that too! I don’t mind eating 3-4 cups of rice and a ton of ulam. In Dean Karnaze's book, he was so hungry he asked a pizza store to deliver him pizza in some part of the highway, he also told them not to cut the pizza in slices. When the pizza arrived he rolled it up like a burrito and ate it at one go hehehehe. According to my nike+ thingamajig, I burned around 3500 calories in my 42km run. Not bad considering the calories we need for day to day activities is something like 2,000. So that means I can pig out. Biggest mistake though, I went to the market and the grocery after the run. Patay, ubos pera ko hehehehe.

During runs, we also need to eat so our body will be accustomed to eating during running. We have to manage and train the way we eat so we can maximize our energy and calories. I have a big problem though. Energy bars are mostly chocolate covered or very sweet. This means I cant eat them hehehe. For several years now I have been allergic to chocolate and the like. Some kind of throat problem. I have to be inventive with the food I eat, fruits, candies, bread, etc. For this ultra marathon, we have to eat and hydrate every 10km so we will keep our energy and calories up.

A Small banana (mahal ang energy bars hehehehe)

Two spoonfuls of tuna (heavy on the stomach)

1bottle of sports drink or water

Eat vigorously, and start running hehehehehehe.

For the past few days it seems to work, I feel full of energy on the run. Sometimes i devour a can of fruit cocktail, a piece of apple or something. After the run, kahit ano basta high protein and calories at masarap. I remember after a race with Romi and Henri, we would devour crispy pata, sisig, lechon and push it all down with cerveza negra hehehehe. Natural, sama ng pakiramdam namin. Hehehehe.

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