Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ultra Marathon part 2

The Milo Marathon begins, Aray masakit na!!!! hehehehe. The first stretch of the Milo Marathon was really difficult. I can't move much and my muscles are already sore. I was no longer smiling since I could see the ambulance at the back waiting for me to call it quits. Running in Roxas boulevard was really tough the overnight running on EDSA pounded my feet and knees. I was real glad Hector was there to pace me and my two marshals were the recipients of my profanity hehehe. I was running and walking the first 10km, I knew I had to devour a lot of food in order to finish this run. I was scoffing down "apat na nilagang saging", one power gel, sports drink, and handful of peanuts. Nearing the start of Buendia something real bad happened, my wing man hector suddenly called it quits. I forced him to run but his face looked like one of the riders of the Tour de France who can't quite catch up with the leaders up the mountains. He basically cracked mentally. He told me nev's i done!!! i can't ask him to go another mile he paced me through the night and he ran already close to 65 km( good accomplishment since his first marathon was this year only). In my head I wanted to scream like Achilles in the movie Troy!!! Hector! Hector! hahahaha.

(Romi tumakbo ka nga)

I was really demoralized seeing ambulance pass and I heard the top runners are already returning. It dawned on me I was the last runner and i couldn't see the fields of green runners over the horizon. The sun was already up and bearing down on the runners Crap!!!! hahahaha. Swallowed three more bananas and I was off!!! For some strange reason the so-called second wind kicks in. I really felt strong "parang di ako tumakbo the night before". Maybe because its a new day or maybe the weather and the early mornings reminded me of the training runs we had several weeks ago. Maybe its the adrenaline rush I had realizing I was the last man in the marathon. I was really okay, like a brand new runner,. To top things of I drank two cups of Mcdo coffee and i was already an energizer bunny. Full steam ahead!!! I knew that sudden burst of energy wont last long, so i started to sprint the whole stretch of Buednia, desperately trying to catch someone. Finally i saw three runners, they were my carrot in a stick!!! faster you fool. I was flying hehehehehe, ang galing talaga ng kape!!!! At this point I also thought about the purpose of this run. that I shouldn't quit since this run is for cancer patients. the faster and longer i run the more i will inspire people to help. This gave me another boost!!! My suffering in the run is nothing compared to those kids fighting cancer.
Finally i passed two runners and saw the greatest sight of all kalayaan Flyover!!! I saw Beth and Olive!!! Yahooo, they were my proverbial Burning Bush!!!! my kasma na ako!!!, I surprised them and we ran together up to the fort, where my third wind(kung meron ganun) kicked in. Beth and Olive also kicked up the pace sensing the turn around is near. Running once more, the sight of green runners made me realize I was back in the race and was back of the pact!!!! Reaching the second turn around I was feeling good but my legs was saying "psst hinay-hinay lang mahaba pa ito at my kulang ka pang 12km!!!! hehehehehe). Nearing the Libingan ng mga Bayani I saw some of my relatives running and I saw Dani!!!! hahahaha. Magkalapit lang kami?!?(Idol ko talaga ito the first 15km of milo he was just several minutes behind the leaders hahahaha, ang bilis niya). Fatigue soon set in and he started to run slow which is actually a walk for me hehehehe.
Running back to kalayaan flyover I saw Olive brisk walking, still showing off her infectious smile. I said to her "Olive sorry nahatak kita dito!!! hehehehe"(Shes such an amazing person trained only for three weeks for this run). I saw Chi-Chi walking as well yet upbeat however Coach Kiko called it Quits already sayang!!!
Nearing the flyover Roel was there and he gave me the best gift of all, nope its not a North Face Gore-tex jacket worth 10k!!!Even better a bowl of rice and burger steak!!!! I wanted to cry hahahahaha!!! My UPM batch mates Karlo and Carla feed me cold melons!!!! Paradise!!!! I devoured them easily while pushing it down with softdrinks. Salamat talaga!!! Time to run, back in Buendia, I was already tired, I was running and walking accompanied by a 50 or 60 year old man who claims he ran 70 marathons. Wow!!! In the last part of Buendia, I saw the official time, I have several minutes before the race ends. time to hustle, the only part I was running was during stoplights and interesections, nakakahiya kasi pinapahinto mga sasakyan tapos naglalakad ka hehehehe.
In Roxas Boulevard i saw Dani, i ran as fast as i could slap him in the back and said"lets walk to the finish line" hehehehe. This was not a race we just need to finish. We both walked to Quirino, and ran the last 200 meters to the finish line. Wala ng tao and they were already dismantling some of th structures. Yehey Tapos na kami!!!! But wait!!!

We waited for the rest of the team to arrive, Chi-Chi called it quits so it was up to us four to complete the run. We still lack 12 km!!! the night before we screwed up our pace. As team captain i made an executive decision to shorten our run in Quezon city and start making our way to Qurino Grandstand. I was affraid that we might not have enough time, and might miss the start of the marathon. Our team already created and measured the route even before the milo marathon and they also kept other members up to date about the run(Salamat Ninoy, Bunny and the rest). We started running and walking to CCP complex and going around that area. Sikat nanaman si Romi at nakilala siya ng mga tao and nag-pa-picture pa sila hehehehe. After 6km it was time to run back to finish the run. 6km!!! ang haba pa!!! my head hurts, the two girls wore slippers and iced their knees, and devoured bananas and rush sports drink like there's no tomorrow. The sea breeze made things hotter and more difficult to move. Reaching Quirino Grandstand it was finally over!!! Yehey. Our head Marshal Boy Siojo said "Men kulang pa ilang meters!!!" hahahahaha. Ayaw talaga kami patapusin. I can see the UPM members cheering and drinking beer, sabi ko ayan na yun di ba!!!!

We were told we need to run one round along the perimeter of Quirino Grandstand crap!!! I started to run!!!! Medyo naiiyak na ako sa pagod. natuwa pa ako kasi si Henri and Romi started to run with me as well. In the final bend, i can see the Seafood Warf!!! it was the finish line 20 meters to go, I saw the UPM made a makeshift finish line. they were all cheering!!!! I sprinted and crossed the finish line with both arms up!!!! Yehey 100km!!! They clapped and cheered and gave me beer. Hahahaha. I was really happy and exhausted. Dani arrived next running the final 20 meters. Gave him a pat on the shoulder and a bottle of beer. Olive arrived with her enigmatic smile, a few minutes after, Beth arrived as well exhausted but delighted. It was finally over!!!
It was an interesting and amazing feeling. When I crossed the finishline there were no crowds, no television cameras, no banners, posters nor structures of the finishline. What i saw was more rewarding than that . What i saw was the UPM marshals, friends, and relatives as well as the people who took part in making this project a succes. All of them sacrificed their time, effort, and sweat just to see the dream of six people come true. It was truly an amazing feeling, to see your friends who helped you all the way waiting patiently in the finish line. Its these very people that made this ultra marathon memorable and worth finishing. No crowds, no fancy affair only a group of friends congratulating you was the best finish line the ultra marathon team could ever receive. Maraming Salamat!!! Start running.


e-rod said...

congratulations talaga, neville. i'm in awe at what you guys accomplished. to be able to dream, organize, train and make this all happen--it's just amazing.

Anton said...

Congratulations ! thanks for posting what happened during the event. I had the privilege to run along side Olive for a while, thanks!!

Galing niyo!!