Sunday, July 1, 2007

run some more

Train train train some more.

Somethings wrong!!! Hehehehe I am getting sick and weak rather than strong(natural, masyadong mataas mileage per week and too sudden). Walang base, hehehehe kala ko kayak o hehehe. Well I don’t really know f there is a handbook to run ultra in 2 months hehehehe. Ill try to attach my long run distances and times using nike plus and ipod nano. Long runs every weekend other runs di ko na ni record dahil nakalimutan ko nano. Hehehehe. MP3 players are a big help to running when my running budy is not around. My songs are very wierd, from eye of the tiger, sound track of bay watch, you know my name in the casino royale sound track, and my favourite game by the cardigans. Hahahaha lahat nun pang motivate tumakbo at parang hinahabol ka.

Training long runs is becoming more difficult, busy kasi mga tao. We don’t have a common time to run together. A few days from now, i have to decide if we can finish the 100km along with the team. Have to report to romi. Hehehe. Keep running.

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