Sunday, July 1, 2007

Romi takbo ka din!!!

For some strange reason, I've always been on the move these past few weeks and haven't had the time to update my blog. So what I did was just type it then paste it later when I have time to surf the net. So if I drop a ton of blogs on one date, you know the answer. Actually, this record is for me so ill know the answer.

Finally we have ironed out the details.By 'we' I mean me and the rest of the ultra team, and Romi will take the credit, hehehehehe. Seriously, we have already decided on what to do. We will run 100km with around 5-7 people. This run will take place here in Manila. To make things more interesting, we will run 60km and then run a full marathon race event, specifically the run in July 22 Milo marathon(which romi thought was on August). It is a daunting task because Milo marathon is just several weeks away and while i am writing this entry, our milage is still meager.

Our objective is set, and my team mates are....hehehehe. Hirap kami magahanap ng team mates! We wanted people who can run on a moment's notice, preferably someone we know para madaling kausapin, strong enough to drag my sorry assss!!!! Hehehehe. So we started to recruit runners from the u.p. mountaineers, someone I climbed with, raced with or hang out with, bahala na basta gustong tumakbo hehehe.

I'll attach the profiles of the team, but in the mean time, we have, coach Kiko, Beth, Dani, me, and my best friend Hector. We have also recruited Chi-Chi all the way down south of the Philippines and we are still negotiating with two more people to join us. We have also invited several guest runners, such as Bobi A. , josaw and kung sino sino pa. Basta game na talaga ito!

Training have been set and all the members have been briefed. While I am writing this we are still talking to people that can be part of the team. Let the trainings begin. We are all working and have own commitments, so i told the team that I know you love running so I don’t need to keep track on your mileage. However i will be persistent with my invitation to do long runs either Saturday or Sunday. To develop a common pace and to update everyone about the project.

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