Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rubicon and the Route

Crossing the Rubicon

Several days ago I was teaching my students about the chapter on Roman history when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon river. His actions basically declared war with his arch enemy Pompey and the Roman senate. “Alea iacta est” which means "The die is cast" was believed to be the very words Julius Ceasar echoed in the Rubicon. I told my students that this event is used so many times in literature and throughout history to state the idea of PNR or Point of No Return. As I uttered those words I realized it was already Wednesday and I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach and I wanted to say the words “Yikes” Malapit na yung run!!!!

Wednesday was the point of no return for me, this means I can’t get sick, injured and the likes. However people at home and in the office are sick or in the verge of getting sick. Lord!!! huwag ako magkasakit hehehehe. This is the difference between professional athletes and weekend warriors like me, professional athletes knows how to handle the rigors of training and racing. They are so accustomed to the stress that builds up before a major race. I could just imagine the pressure of the riders in Tour De France and Formula 1 drivers since there races are stretched out for over long periods of time. Ang galing nila!!!!

Training is not really about the race but its also preparing you for the stress full days before the race. I have raced before and got sick days before race day so why am I so jumpy all of a sudden. Maybe because a lot of close friends of mine invested a lot of their time and effort just to make this run work. Moreover I am not only a participant of the run but one of the organizers as well. I can just imagine the stress organizers of triahtlons, runs and adventure races go through. Galing nila!!! O well we can’t do anything about it and just let the days pass and hope for the best. So what to do now, well I told my runners just do the normal things you do during the week and treat this 100km run as a training run. Don’t do anything silly hehehehehe, like new exercise or training just do the same things or do your routine. This means that to work, hmmm kamusta na kaya bike support namin? Hehehehe. Tama nay an trabaho na !!!!

Here is the tentative route of the run. the team is still fixing it. We will be repeating some routes also.

Tambayan - Santolan cor Katips (via AS likod, Pres. House, CP Garcia, Katip)
Santolan - Libis/Jollibee (via White Plains, Green Meadows/Christ the King)
Libis - Fort Access Road (via C5)
Fort Bonifacio - EDSA cor Ayala
EDSA - Guadalupe
Guadalupe - EDSA cor Q. Ave
Q. Ave - UP Oblation
Acad Oval
Oblation - Circle/Commonwealth
Circle - EDSA/Q. Ave. (via Visayas/Mindanao/North. Ave/Agham)
Q. Ave - Quirino Grandstand
Milo Marathon

Napagod ako sa kakasulat hahahahaha.

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