Sunday, September 2, 2007

7.5 KM

For many runners, cyclist and other athletes the University of the Philippines-Diliman is the closest training ground. Its wide open spaces and numerous tree sand long roads makes running a real joy. It is a place to unwind and organise your thoughts. You will see other runners and athletes which provide you the much needed motivation. Since 1996 I have been running here with my friends. I could still remember the first time I completed three rounds of the academic oval which is measured 2.2Km, it was just like finishing my first marathon. When I joined the UP Mountaineers I discovered the 7.5km route. It was the route used by the UPM for its diagnostic, training and test runs for applicants. Moreover members use it to just improve their fitness increasing their speed or finishing at a faster time. This 7.5km route is really the backbone for many UPM members as well as other athletes who train in UP. I really love this route, long hills, long straights and downhill’s provides a very interesting and good workout. This route provided me the necessary skills and base for my trainings. Lace up your shoes and its time to check out the 7.5km route. Just like in Formula 1 its time for a flying lap. Hehehehe.

We start of from the UPM tambayan in the North wing of the UP library. Run straight up to the School of Economics then run towards the College of Home Economics. Here you will witness people playing Frisbee, football, and other sports in the sunken garden. AS your pace gets faster a slight downhill will great you before you reach the corner of CP Garcia and Katipunan Avenue.

As you run in CP Garcia I try my best to suck in my gut and run like a professional athlete since this road is very traffic and people from their cars will look at you for several minutes (have to look good hahahahaha). Passing the Math building you will realize that CP Garcia is a medium distance uphill enough to slow you down. Reaching the top your time should be 13-15minutes.

Run towards the rough roads and up to the houses you will exit in a clear road and be greeted by a play ground. Sharp left and you will have a clear flat road. Push hard increase your stride saying ang speed. In your left you will see college of architecture to your right UP police and in front the UP press. This will be the first water stop for the applicants. Keep running push hard.

Straight road, i love this road flat and wide and lots of trees. End of the corner you will see the college of fine arts. Turn right longer faster strides (sayang downhill, hehehehe). Keep pushing then you will see the two triangle checkpoints and the UP oblation. Keep pushing then you will reach the college of human kinetics.

Pushing hard the first part will now drain you at this part, a slight uphill that will slow you down up to the Bahay ng Alumni. I remember my first run here, I started to walk and my friends started to push my back and encourage me to run. A flat road greets you and you will see the you track oval another motivation for the runners in you. But you will also see people eating and resting. You ask yourself “Why am I doing this!!!” hehehehe

As you begin to develop your momentum, and increase your stride due to the downhill. You will smell the aroma of food being cooked(daing, sinangag, etc hehehehe). Then it hits you!!1 What the heck is that!!!! Well its what some people call heartbreak hill(its not as long and hard as the one in Boston marathon). It’s steep enough to sap the energy right out of your legs. Ayaw ko na!!!!

Reaching the top of the hill you will feel really sluggish and your heart is really beating fast. Legs feel like they are glued to the ground and your sweating like never before. I remember one event, when I reached the top the water break was there. There were four glasses and one of which is water the rest are beer!!!! Hahahahaha. There was also food however “panay polvoron and espasol” hahahahahaha. It was so much fun!!! Hehehehe one person thought the cups contained water and doused himself but it was beer hahahahaha.

Another hill greets the runners then you exit the church and then you see the infirmary!!!! (time check should be 34-36 minutes)Hahahahaha. Keep running as you pass by the shopping centre and left to the many dormitories while seeing people devouring isaw and drinking soft drinks. You ask again “why!!! Why huwhy!!!”

The final turn begins as you increase your pace then another hill greets you as you near the college of law. One of my friends called this hill “trying to love again hill” hahahahahaha(well the first hill was heartbreak hill gets?!? Hehehehehe). As you pound the road the hill becomes steeper and steeper. You push hard because you just want it to end.

Finally you reach the top, your time should be 45 minutes. Then you see its all downhill and you see the sunken garden!!! Yehey. Push push push!!! Right turn and you will have several hundred meters of clear road to your finish line the UPM Tambayan!!! This is the best part, slight downhill, you dig deep and push hard. You swing your arms and then you cross the hump and hit your stop watch. Its over!!! Yehey!!!

I really love this route, so many problems solved, so many decisions made and so many ideas realized in this 7.5km route. For the most part the 45-50 minute run gives you enough time to talk with other people and enjoy running. Talk about running shoes, your next race, what ever. So when will your try it? Hehehehehe . Keep running. Sama ako!!!