Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dani slow pace lang!!!!

Sunday run!!!

Just ran today, sira ulo talaga dani!!! Well dani, olive and i did a long run. Dani was the one pacing and olive followed and me at the back. The pace was quite high!!! Considering we are trying to develop long slow runs and develop our slow twitch muscles. Pero itong si dani at olive niratrat yung first 12km, our time 1 hour. Then hydrate, then ran a steep hill then went to ateneo and back to u.p. a total run of 27km at 2 hours 20 minutes. Hahahahaha. I know for some this is okay but i haven’t been running sprint workouts and we still have 30km to go after this. Arriving at the car, dani started to remove his shoes hahahahaha 27 km lang pala siya!!!!! Kakainis. Hehehehe, panalo ka talaga dani. Idol pa rin talaga kita sa run, I can still remember our runs in u.p. oval at 8mins per round after 1 round my whole body was covered with salt from the sweat. Hehehehe. Olive and i did our route and I still continued to do some more. Ang hirap mag train next week dapat buong team sumama na.

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