Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Here we go again!?!

Training again!!! This what my mom said several weeks ago. Also another person told me "Running again so no more time for me again!!!" hehehehe. Training really taxes a lot of your time. Well for me it’s not exactly training it’s more of a life style a way of life. Several weeks have passed since the 100km and I feel great. For the past several weeks I started to ride my mountain bike which misses me as well as my trusty road bike. I laced up once more and started throwing Frisbee discs in the UP sunken garden.

As of now we are still computing and still receiving donations for Kythe. We are pretty happy since we have raised a considerable amount of donations for Kythe given the limited time we have in organizing and executing this run for your life project. I’ll find exact details on this next week since we will be joining Kythe when they visit children with cancer. I am really looking forward to this.

I started running again. Yehey!!! Ran a total of 30km last week and 20km this week so far. No pressure just enjoying the runs. Quite gloomy and I ran in the late afternoon just before dinner. Haven’t done this for a long time. Ran the 7.5km diagnostic run of the UPM and went straight back to my aunts restaurant named COMBI near UP.

I ran not because of training for the next ultra marathon which is scheduled several months from now. But I ran because I just needed to make sense and organize my thoughts. Busy work and I still have yet to process the plans for the next run for your life. Running for me is like my burning bush and my Archimedes bath tub “Eureka I have found it”. Training again, well running again creates a sense of structure for me and relaxes me. It’s just like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen for quite a long time. I just feel that the road is happy that I paid him another visit and that it shares my joys and pain in running.

Training will start soon and the team is thinking some interesting ways to improve our project. I just thought of an interesting line for the project. “Helping save lives a kilometer at a time”. Hehehehehe. So many good plans can’t wait to do it again. Why run an ultra? I already forgot my answer. Maybe I need to refresh my memory by putting myself through it again. Hehehehehe. Time to run, bike, swim, wake up early, Nike+, water bottles, petroleum jelly, Gatorade and above all time to have some fun. See you in the road.

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Amy said...

It is great when you can run just to run and as you said, "organized your thoughts." Enjoy!