Monday, July 23, 2007


Ill write a report on the run in the mean time visit the upm website. The only thing I can write about now is recovery hehehehe. Posted above is the log in my Nike+ and Nano. The batteries of my Nano ran out and my workout was semi saved, so I just decided to take a picture and post it and Ill just find out a way to post it at Nike(sorry Roel hehehehe). The batteries died at 97KM nakakainis!!!! hahahaha.

According to my nano I burned 9,000 calories hahahaha. Thats the Recommended Daily Allowance of a normal person in 4 days. Well this means I can eat a lot. After the run I devoured some pasta and some supplements, which I later found out that I am allergic hehehe. After which I went straight to bed. Today upon waking up, I noticed the adrenalin is gone and I was a mortal again no longer an ultra-man hahahaha parang Japanese superhero. Early morning I devoured one can of spam, eggs, three cups of rice and a bowl of fruits. I went to work struggling going down stairs hehehehe. At around 10AM I was eating again a bowl of Katsudon from the cafeteria.

After class I devoured 5 waffle dogs hahahahaha. I know there is a scientific way to recover like using mixtures coming from popular brands like power bar specifically designed for recovery. But too expensive and I would prefer lechon kawali better hahahaha. Before I went home I dropped by at my relatives restaurant known as "Combi" in maginhawa Q.C. which they have good and affordable meals. I ordered three rice bowls. Chicken, meatballs and liempo. Hahahaha.

I finally arrived home and was really sleepy. I felt like an anaconda already full and ready to rest and stretch out in the sun. Next thing you know it was dinner time, four chickens and mother of all recovery pizza!!!! Hahahahaha. I know there is a better way to recovering from the ultra. But at this point I would rather want something tasty to eat. I'm already exhausted eating bananas, energy bars and energy drinks hehehehe. I want lechon and beer hahahahaha. Don't worry my sister who is a food technician is taking care of me. hehehehe.

This is one of the things I was really looking forward too. Eating a lot!!!! Thinking about my run in Buendia during the milo marathon, made me devour two shawarma. hehehehe. As of now I have to sign out and start sleeping just have to finish this buffalo wings. Hello Tuesday kainan ulit!!! Hmmm saan kaya tomorrow, I want a Mongolian all you can it hehehehehe. My next blog will talk about the run. Time to eat again.


Anonymous said...

Nev - congrats! palibre ka ng lunch kay Romy hehehe...sya may kasalanan nyan :) - ninoy

e-rod said...

sounds like you're doing well on your recovery meals...all protein. who needs those powerbar mixes when you have lechon and spam? :)