Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Run

(Pictures courtesy of Denise llanos dee)

Nestled between the towering mountain landscape is Banaue. At 1200 meters it is surrounded by spectacular and complex rice terraces. One of the most popular destinations in Northern Luzon is also touted as the "Eight Wonder of the World". Roughly 8-10 hours away from Manila, Banaue will be the starting point of the Pinoy Ultra Runners: Run For Your Life Marathon for the benefit of Kythe patients.

On February 9, 2007 the runners will negotiate hilly terrains and the cold and wet mountain winds of Banaue-Sagada. However the long and winding roads, the fresh air and the beautiful landscape will inspire and help the runners reach the finish line in Sagda. A tranquil town on top of the mountains, Sagada stands 1477 meters high. Its nature and cool mountain winds is unspoiled and an ideal setting for reflection and relaxation. A fitting finish line for the run.

The ultra marathon will most-likely begin at the area near Banaue Hotel in the early hours of the morning. The cold weather will definitely bother the runners as they climb the steep hill. According to the information provided to the team Banaue starting line all the way to Mt. Polis will be 20 kilometers uphill. Paved roads and dirt roads have to be negotiated. Headlamps, hydration packs and windbreaker jackets will be essential.

After reaching, the summit of Mt. Polis the team will replenish its hydration packs and energy gels while eating rice meals. Then the team will begin its run uphill and downhill towards the busy town of Bontoc which is roughly 30 kilometers away.

(Bontoc will be hmmm sort of half way point)

Reaching Bontoc the team will meet up with other UP Mountaineers and friends and will attack the last 12-15kilometer uphill trail run to Sagda. According to one of our runners the weather there is really cold and its been raining for quite a while, so the roads are slippery and muddy, a real challenge for the team. Banaue-Sagada run will provide an interesting and dramatic background for the team to raise funds for Kythe and its patients. Help change lives a kilometer at a time.

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Hi Nevil, great pictures and description of the running route, parang pre-climb na rin.