Saturday, February 2, 2008

R.O.X Run

Last week the Pinoy Ultra Runners conducted its training runs at Fort Bonifacio. Our short run started at our headquarters in the huge R.O.X building. We accompanied several runners as part of the teams exposure for our Banaue-Sagada run this February 9. It was an interesting experience talking to the runners based in the Fort Bonifacio area. These strong and veteran runners gave the team a good workout plus interesting stories about their running in Fort Bonifacio. As a testament of the support of R.O.X to the teams run, they have decided to run with us. Brand managers and staff of R.O.X decided to run with us for several loops around the area. Not only do these people know outdoor products they can also run fast hehehehe. Thanks for the overwhelming support and most of all the interesting stories hehehehe.

(Thanks for joining our training runs)

(The managers and staff of R.O.X. Who sprinted the first part of the run hehehehe)

(Our friends in R.O.X showed us how managers run hehehehehe. Thanks Trisha and Clyte, your faster than Henry and Romi hehehehehe)

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jim said...

saw a link to your banaue 100k and, being a (slow) ultra runner myself, it piqued my interest. i'd love to participate in an event of that sort in the future and get to see that neck of the woods.

being based in colorado, venturing into the ultra world was an easy thing to do ... lots of ultra runners and trails out here.

good luck!