Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Time

(Wow!!! Models!!! Thanks to Boy Siojo for the pictures)

Last Friday members of the Pinoy Ultra Runners had their pictorials at R.O.X (Recreational Outdoor Excahnge) in Bonifacio High street the Fort. It was a different experience and the team was not used to it. We were used to running together, planning our ultra marathon and usual gimmick but never a photo shoot! Hehehehehe. It was a lot of fun and it made the team look like a professional team with the uniforms and other stuff. But for the most part the team enjoyed this welcome break. We had fun going around R.O.X looking at the different equipment and trying on different gears for the pictorial!!! Sana amin na lang yung gear hehehehehe!!! Thanks to the staff of R.0.X as well as Dino, brand Manager of Columbia our photographer, Ken of The North Face for organizing and accommodating us, Roel Chan marketing Primer Group for all the support and help.
(R.O.X provided a great back ground for the pictures of the team. Before the Ultra Marathon, R.O.X will be displaying our pictures as well as information about our run and other activities like pact runs.)

(ROX is really huge!!! Three floors of outdoor equipment at reasonable prices. An amazing store that would cater to anyone who dreams to have adventure outdoors.)

(Nice uniforms!!! Dani, smile please!!!)

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