Saturday, January 5, 2008


(Hector "kulang sa pansin", Me"Sleepy" Macky "first run")

The year is about to end and I really want to end it with a bang!!! There were still several races lined up. The New balance 25km run was over. I realized that i need to do some running again. Well i cant complain it was a training run. So i finished the race the slowest training pace. Base run, i had to start from scratch. But i was in no mood to train just yet. I wanted to so something fun and unusual hehehehe. Eventually i ended up joining the Men’s Health Urbanathlon. Yehey. A 10km run with obstacle courses. I was able to dragged my friends and a newbie runner. I told them i will pace them and lets just have some fun in the run.

It was a cold and wet morning. Several hours before the race, powerful rains drenched the whole area. Upon reaching fort Bonifcaio i saw quite a number of people stretching and filling out registration forms. Familiar faces greeted me and i saw a bunch of UP mountaineers some of which were my batch mates. All of them were actually marshalls of the race!!! Hi!!! Mia and Alex.

I was eager to race not only to pace my friends but basically to have fun. No pressure and enjoy the obstacle course. Hehehehe. Also another main reason is to display our team uniforms to expose the North Face Ultra running team. After last minute briefing, the race was off, my friends and i stopped in front of our relatives!!! What else picture taking hehehehe.

The race was not what we were expecting. A full 4-5km loop then go through an obstacle course. The run another loop again. We were actually expecting the whole course to be full of obstacles hehehehe. I was actually also expecting it would be a run like the first part of James Bond Casino Royale when he was chasing the bomber all around a construction site. Jumping buildings and going through other obstacles. A parkour type of race. Hahahaha. But it was really fun, since i was with friends and family and for the most part there was no pressure at all just have fun. Hehehehehe.

(Hector, Frenzy Condom ad yan!!!)

(Congrats macky on your first 10km)

In the end it was a break from the monotony of running. I had a blast, spent time with love ones and for the most part another race completed for the year. Cheers!!!

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