Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Balance 25KM

Its been a while since the team ran together. Last time we ran together was the 100km run last July. Maybe the training and hardships pushed the runners to do other sports and huwag na muna magkita hehehehe. But it was really fun to run alongside with the team. We eventually decided to do race in order for us to train hehehehehe. Race to train was the new motto of our team. We decided to target the New Balance 25KM run in Clark Field, last November. We got to Clark Sunday where we devoured the local cusine and dined at the AFC or Angeles Fried Chicken hahahahaha. At night the team got some rest to relax for the run next day. As for me I hanged out with the “best support crew” and drank several bottles of beer. Hehehehehe. A big no no for a race next day. But I am not racing I am just going to run to train hehehehe, and show our new uniforms. Hahahahaha

(Olive, Beth and Me. "Nev's this unifrom is eh ultra runners eh hmmm eck!!!)

(Jan cabanos, thanks for the pics!!!)

Sunday arrived the team woke up around 4AM to prepare the race at six. We ate our meals(power bars and fig newtons hehehehe, while olive ate the chicken from AFC), relaxed, prepared our gear and freshened up. After a few hours we were already at the start line.

It maybe just me but i somehow feel that beth, olive and me were all nervous. It was just another 25km run . There was no pressure we just have to run. Hmmm what could be the reason. I tried to enumerate in my head.

1. We were not that prepared and trained.

2. We were so exhausted from the ultra marathon that we completely ignored running. Hence our confidence dropped.

3. This was a race in Clark and we knew the course was difficult.

4. Our uniforms, and we were presented as a team.

Most likely the answer will be the last one. We were all a little bit shy wearing our new team uniforms. But we all know we were there to train, for some race, but for the most part generatesome exposure for the team. The race was off!!!

(As usual Beth powered through the course!!! Go Beth Go!!!)

In the end Beth and Olive won!!! They were in the top three in their respective age groups. Maybe its the pressure from the uniforms. Hehehehehe. Nah they are just really fast and strong. As for me hehehehehe, several minutes and light years behind them. Congratulations girls!!!!

(Congratulations Olive. Another strong performance)

(We all agreed the race course was really amazing. Long hot climbs in the end)

(Congrats Beth and Olive, Nev's saan medal mo? hehehehe)

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