Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Subic Marathon

Josaw, Pen, Me, Olive and Ige.

The Pinoy Ultra Runners decided to run the Subic Marathon as a training run. As always when we say training run members of the team will try to face off with other runners of the pact. The end result will be a standard racing marathon for most members. For some it will be a training run for the next ultra marathon. The team arrived Sunday morning sleeping during the 2-3 hour drive from manila courtesy of Boy Siojo. Accompanied by support Jan and Levi the team readies for another memorable run. The race was straight forward long challenging terrain but nice cool weather and scenic landscape. Beth and Olive were in the front doing a magnificent run, Jose and Josaw(her first marathon congrats) was in the middle and brining up the rear was Me and Pen(also her first marathon and longest run ever). It was straight forward training. One thing that caught my attention were the Kenyan’s my my!!! I saw them in the television but nothing will prepare you for the speed these guys can unleash. These Kenyans are very amazing, like gazelles being chased by lions in the Serengeti.

During the New Balance 25km last year I was introduced to Sir. Willy. A powerful runner, energetic, 50 something runner. He competed in the Clark Marathon last week and now he is doing another one here in Subic, amazing!!!! This was his 40th Marathon. Hmmm a future Ultra Runner? I think he said yes. hehehehe.

The Kenyans!!! They came out suddenly!!! A blistering pace which tore the field apart. Even the camera had a hard time capturing them. Wow!!!

Josaw and Jose. Consistent and strong and will be finishing their first ultra in several weeks. congrats on the marathon Josaw.

Me and Pen. Strong performance from this multi talented athlete, powered by determination and of course Levi as a support crew she was able to finish her first marathon and longest run ever. Ganda ng Jersey!!!

Beth and Olive, finishes the race a little over four hours, not bad. lack of sleep and nervousness hehehehe made it a little tricky for them. Olive will be biking next day!!! Hahahaha. Peace Olive.

The race was well organized, and we were really happy, the marshals and supports were well provisioned and it was a tough marathon course. For Pen and Josaw the hardest part was the last 5-7kms. And the most agonizing part of them all was the half loop run around the oval which seems like forever. The team finished with smiles and full of energy, but very hungry. Well we really need that energy, the next Run for Your life Marathon is a couple of weeks away. To all who joined the marathon congratulations and see you again in the starting line.

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