Saturday, January 5, 2008

Revisiting Triathlon

After the ultra marathon, i was depleted in all levels hehehehehe. Not only from the run but also from the stress of organizing and managing the run. I was planning to rest for the whole year. Since it was difficult first and second quarter at work. I was teaching five sections, and i was also teaching new subjects. So its pretty hard to read and take time to study. I just really want to relax and enjoy. Eventually my best friend hector told me he wanted to race in the half ironman white rock triathlon. He needs a coach and a training partner. Hmmmmm, Sige game ako!!! There goes rest and relaxation!!!

Half-Ironman!!! A 2km swim-90km bike- 21 km run. Last time i joined one was several years ago. Its gona be difficult getting back to triathlon. My road bike is crap and my swimming training is more pathetic. But it would be nice to join and visit the sport again.

After spending for a new bike and investing in my swim hector and i found ourselves in Subic getting ready for the race. I haven’t trained much because of work and i wont be racing much sasamahan ko lang hector hehehehe. I was able to bike for three-four weekends swam a kilometer or two and run hehehehe, still lazy due to the ultra marathon. I was in the starting line and i realized that the race was very organized. Triathlon has gone a long way from the races i joined before.

I'm here nothing to do but race, in the process i also received a tri suit from Andrew!!! Thank You so much!!! Epic is the brand and specializes in cycling, running and outdoor sports. The tri suit was very good, nice fit and excellent materials. Thanks again Andrew. And the race was eventually started.

(Mike in Yellow - The best support crew, Hector in Green really nervous to race, Me in Red- Here we go again)

(Me, TJ, Myles and Hector "Swim? What swim, I Thought it was Bike and Run!!!!)

(Hmmmmm this is long!!!)

Ack ang hirap lumangoy!!!! It was a difficult swim for me!!! The current was strong and there were so many fast swimmers. Emerging from the swim in the transition area I gave hector instructions for the bike and tell him to hydrate and i will watch out for him in the bike. Next thing you know i forgot we were racing probably because i got used to adventure races taking time in transition points. But this was triathlon dapat mabilis!!!! Ack transition time 5minutes, others were only 30 seconds to 1 minute. O well who’s counting.

The bike was okay, i was enjoying the roads and enjoying my new cheap bike hahahahaha. After the turn around point i knew i was way behind the pact, i duno i just cant kick in the high gear moreover im watching out for my sponsor hector hehehehehe. Return back i knew i had to make sometime so i can catch up some people in the run. In the bike-run transition same thing happened i was not mindful of my time. I waited for my friend and was eating my energy bars sitting down hehehehe.

(21km run why does it feel like 42km hehehehe)

(Finish line, whats the next in our list sponsor?)

When the run started i realized that i was really running strong. Its not a fast time but i was expecting a much slower pace. The ultra marathon gave me the confidence, i was running hard and strong. I was able to catch up people in the turn around. I was finally enjoying the triathlon. It was the last discipline and for the most part no more flats or mechanical failures. I was able to climb the hills with ease. I was really expecting to have a difficult time. But i was feeling good. Last stretch i saw the finish line!!!! And sprinted and yehey triathlon done!!! Amazing year!!! Hector crossed the finish line and was ecstatic “Yes!!! I can cross out triathlon sa list ko na things i need to do before 30!!!” hahahaha. Amazing race, most of all “i really enjoyed eating!!! And recovery, Yellow cab New York’s finest!!!!

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