Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mt. Pinatubo!!!

Here we go again! The Pinoy Ultra Runners team decided to start training for another fund run by the end of the year. Training schedule is still being fixed but the whole team is excited. After several weeks of individual training the team decided to do another group run. For this run we have decided to do trail running and put into good use our mountaineering, mt biking, adventure racing skills to good use. Moreover make the most of our runs and our weekends. For this long run we have decided to run the trails in Mt. Pinatubo!!! Hehehehehe.

Our planned run will start off from the jump off point in Sta Juliana. This trail run is roughly 26 kilometers to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo. From there we will just relax take pictures and run back to Sta Juliana. It will be an interesting run, last time I did this was during my initial introduction to adventure racing back in 2000 or 2001? hmmm. Early this year a bunch of UPM including me decided to bike this course. We weren't able to follow the correct trail since the Philippine Air Force was using some areas as target practice for the new recruits hehehehe. Sensing we were all wearing red we decided to find another route one which is really unbikable hahahaha. In the end our epic Mt. Bike ride in Pinatubo ended in a 52km bike push. We started to bike around 8am and retruned back to Sta Juliana around hmmm, 11pm hahahaha.

Well no more bikes now, only hydration packs and energy bars. Hope it doesn't rain and once more no more target practice for the Air Force. hehehehe. This run is much needed by the team since we haven't really seen each other for several weeks. Well this is a training run anyway, if we don't finish it or too lazy to do it we might just rent a 4x4 jeep hehehehe. A bunch of UPM will be joining with us. Sigh, another long run. I so miss my bike hehehehe. I hope this pushes through or I will be stuck again in the road for the next several weeks. Come run with us.

Mt. Pinatubo here we come.


Amy said...

Wow - now that would be a run. Great pics and what a great idea. I have never done adventuring running, but I can feel the excitement in your post. Thanks for the tip on the bottle on the previous post.

Brent said...

Good day! I am interested in your trail run to Mt. Pinatubo. Any chance I can join you?

H@ppy Feet

hirap-mag-run said...

Hello Brent please email me if your interested to join. or Ill give you some details.

Thank You


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Eilidh and her peeps at Calderglen High in scotland . We are loving the web site keep it up and you have to exercise for this run you are doing !