Sunday, February 10, 2008


Jose and Pen, new members of the team

Strong performance for the runners and bike support

Jut got back from Manila and I have to get ready for work hehehehehe. it was an amazing weekend. the Pinoy Ultra Runners completed the 65Kilometer run from Banaue to Sagada route. The fast runners completed the whole run in less than 9 hours(Andrew, Dani, Beth, Olive) while the rest of the team completed around 10 hours(Peter, Jose, Pen). It was such an amazing experience for everyone. Another good news, is we have raised a considerable amount of financial donations for Kythe, just need to collect it. Thank you to everyone who supported our run and our cause. Ill write more of our accounts later. In the mean time check out some of the images of the run in our multiply website.


straydaddy said...

galing talaga! congrats to the team and sa lahat ng tumulong.


Vyxz said...

congrats to all the runners and support team!!

Don said...

Sir Neville!

Stumbled upon your website! Idol talaga. haha! Never got to get your cellphone number. I wanted to ask your advice about my marathon training schedule. If you have time, please email me nalang:

--Don Velasco
(yung makulit mong Histo student several years back, haha)