Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Final Stretch

After several weeks of planning and several months of planning. The Banaue-Sagada Run For Your Life is a few days away. as always yours truly is sick or getting sick a bad case of nervousness or I am just a hypochondriac. Work, planning, and managing the team and the run has taken its toll. Pretty exhausted, i do hope i can get to the starting line. All i can do is pray hehehehe. The team had its final meeting earlier and we were all upbeat and excited about the run. Some of my team mates are sick or gona get sick yikes!!! Nevertheless we are ready to go. Logistics are already complete, bus, hotel reservations are already booked, gears and sponsors have given us everything we need, and most of all we have already started to collect funds for our beneficiary Kythe. its going to be an interesting week for all of us.

February 7 Thrusaday
  • Team leaves Manila for Banaue
February 8 Friday
  • Team reaches Banaue around 6AM
  • Check logistics, gather food, plan our run and pray hard hehehe
February 9 Saturday
  • 5 am start running
  • I really don't know what time it will end hehehehe
  • Party time? Finish line "I hope"
(Front: Josaw, Beth, Olive, Pen. Back: Dani, Neville, Jose)

We have a total of nine runners: Neville Manaois, Elizabeth Siojo, Olive Cortez, Dani Dematera, Peter Rivera, Jose De Vera, Jocelyn Saw, Andrew Chinalpan and Pen Nepomuceno. A strong bike crew which will provide support in terms of food and drinks. Several guest runners and most of all several representatives from The North Face and R.O.X. Its going to be an interesting week, hehehehehe.


straydaddy said...

Nev, mag pledge ako for your run. kelan ko pwede bigay? Good luck, mabuhay UP Mountaineers!

Nev said...

Salamat, email me sa, bigay ko details. Alam mo naman number ko text na lang kung paano kunin. Maraming salamat and mabuhay ang UP Mountaineers.

Jeremy Randell said...

Good Luck