Thursday, June 28, 2007

Start training

It has finally begun well it should have started several months ago but this is a crash course in ultra running. This blog is intended actually for me so when I read it again I would know how stupid or silly I was conducting this run. Hehehe. Several weeks ago romi approached me and several runners about the possibility of doing an ultra marathon, the idea caught my interest since Its something I really wanted to do and basically to jump start my interest once more in sports which I somewhat desperately need. So romi approached different people runners from the upm, and I started to look for people too. It was difficult because of the time frame given which was on august which will coincide with another run. So that means three months training. So we need people who already knows what they were doing and is crazy enough to take part in this activity.

After so many “sira ulo ba kayo”, crazy and kulang sa oras to prepare, we were able to recruit several athletes of different ages and sizes hehehe. Well all of them are my friends and I am confident with them because I joined races with them and climbed mountains. Nevertheless the team is already set and romi needs to convince them more. In the end we are all set. What could possibly go wrong!!!

Well a lot, if my memory serves me write all our projects became turned horribly wrong and became footnotes in our personal history. I’m not saying it failed and we weren’t able to accomplish anything. What i am saying is those projects were always accompanied with near mishaps or funny incidents and the likes. Little that we know this ultra marathon(100km) project will provide more humor.

After two weeks of training and planning I just found out the race that we plan to join was not in august but it was the third week of july( Romi!!!! Sira ulo ka). Romi got his schedules wrong he was looking at the website of the the run which was updated three years ago wahahahaha. O well “how hard can it be” Crap!!! After realizing this some of the team had some doubts about training and if they can make it on the july schedule moreover mahirap na mag recruit ng ibang tao!!!! Hehehehe. Let the games begin!!! Ultra marathon 100km in 6 weeks!!!! Hehehe.

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